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Continuity of care is a critical component of healthcare and MEDIKO has developed a platform to promote the coordinated care of providers both inside and outside of correctional facilities.

While we believe the best care and outcomes will be delivered directly by MEDIKO employees inside the facility, we believe telehealth provides needed, significant benefits to correctional healthcare. In addition to our in-house care, we incorporate telehealth solutions to extend the reach of care and specialty care beyond the local community. MEDIKO is an experienced provider of Telehealth services, with over 45,000 hours of tele-psychiatry provided. In addition to telepsychiatry, MEDIKO offers telemedicine support. Our telehealth solutions blend supplemental internal resources and support with external Specialist Providers.

This wholistic and realistic approach integrates on-site resources, telehealth services, and external, specialist support. We believe that a Realistic and Blended approach provides the best outcomes. Patients will be cared for in house and through telehealth as much as possible.

Telemedicine provides significant benefits to the patient, the facility, and the medical community.

  • Reduces the need for patient and security travel, significantly reducing expense and improving security
  • Improves Provider coverage beyond the in-facility hours contracted, including addressing time off, sick time, etc.
  • Improves ability to fill challenging vacancies by going beyond the local market
  • Promotes continuity of care for all of the care providers
  • Accelerates service delivery times

Our process is simple, secure and low cost to implement. We utilize tablets with a durable and protective case. The tablets are limited exclusively to ZOOM calls with all other functionality locked down. The tablets include security software to allow for easy monitoring and control. Our healthcare staff control the tablets and keep them when not in use. The simple ZOOM connection between the tablet and our corporate staff is secure and staff. A nurse assists in the calls in a similar fashion as our telepsychiatry process. Notes are documented by the provider and/or the nurse through our EMR system.

We believe the process for providing telehealth services should be easy to implement. Low cost, and appropriate for the type of care it is best used for – routine care and follow up specialist care.

IT Requirements

  • Telehealth requires a secure wireless connection
  • No additional hardware, installation or support is needed
  • Tablets are locked down to access limited to zoom meetings. No other function is allowed on the tablet. These remain locked and are under the direct control of our medical staff.

Minimizing the effort and equipment required by Specialist Providers allows us to keep the network robust and consistent. We do not require and special equipment for follow up calls with Specialist Providers. These providers simply need access to a computer with audio. Camera/video capabilities are not required. The tablets utilized provide video of the patient and while video of the doctor is desirable, it is not required for the consultation to take place.

Specialist Providers will enjoy the easy-to-use process

  • No special equipment required
  • Efficient use of time
  • Accelerates the time to be seen (less coordination required)
  • Drives continuity of care by aligning the patient with their specialist provider

Client Testimonials

  • MEDIKO’s relationship with Rockbridge Regional Jail is stellar. They serve us well in our operation, and they do it with the utmost professionalism and dedication. They are dedicated to the highest quality of correctional health care and it is certainly evident in their work product. Together in the past nineteen months, we have transformed our level of service and quality of care beyond industry standards…. We are simply blessed to have MEDIKO as part of our team. It is without any reservation that I recommend MEDIKO Correctional Healthcare to any regional or local correctional facility seeking quality, dedication, and a level of professionalism second to none.

    • Derek T. Almarode
    • Superintendent
  • MEDIKO established trust and commitment from the very start. Some of the more noticeable changes that took place that were indicated in the proposal, was providing us with a higher level and quantity of staff. MEDIKO’s staffing matric proved to be right for our facility….it was a change that has strengthened our program. These changes, along with other components of MEDIKO’s program, helps us limit liability risks, better meet our inmates’ needs and reduce costs. We have a true partnership with MEDIKO.

    • Wayne M. Owens Jr.
    • Director of Detention
  • The Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority is extremely fortunate to have a medical contractor of the caliber of MEDIKO, PC. As Southwest Virginia Regional Jail’s daily population nears one thousand eight hundred, the highest level of medical and psychiatric care is consistently maintained and is proven by the small amount of inmate grievances and lawsuits. I do not recall any since we opened in 2005 that have been founded. MEDIKO, PC has become a partner to the administration of the jails integrating medical, security and cost utilization procedures imperative to the success of the facilities.

    • Stephen O. Clear
    • Superintendent
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